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T a l k i n g   T a b l e s    C O L L E C T I E:

Whether it's an afternoon tea party,  birthday celebration or a wedding; our aim is to help you celebrate with fun and laughter engaging everyone equally.


Bringing the Millennium in with a bang, Talking Tables was launched in 1999 with an aim to provide fun and stylish products for every celebration.


With 19 years of experience in making memories and getting the table talking, the company has gone global with offices in London, New York and Shanghai, all committed to bringing friends and family together to share a laugh.


Talking Tables blijft vernieuwen en ontwerpt haar trendy feestartikelen, stylish feest decoratie en hippe feestversiering zelf. Met een team van designers en artworkers maken zij zeer stylish, trendy en luxe feestartikelen/feest decoratie en feestversiering. Hier bij PretaPret kun je alles van het merk Talking Tables online kopen. HAPPY PARTY & CELEBRATE IN STYLE!


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